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We help you retain your customers, increase engagement and boost customer happiness so you reduce churn in your business

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Elevate your Customer Success

What’s in it for the business owners?

Increase in customer engagement

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Increase in customer retention

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Increase in online reviews in one year

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It costs 5X more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one

  • Are you tired of constantly firefighting and being in reactive mode – jumping from one thing to the next, instead of proactively reaching out and providing value to your customers? 
  • Are you exhausted from repeating yourself over and over again and hosting 2 or more 1-to-1 product demos per day?
  • Are you sick of always getting dragged into complex support cases?
  • Are you stuck, not knowing what to do with Customer feedback?
  • Do you struggle with cross-team collaboration or getting a seat at the leadership table?
  • Are you left in the dark when your customers leave and you don’t know why?

Here’s how Unify Success can help

SaaS CEO and Founders

Empower your team by focusing on the key stages in the customer journey and discover the secrets to using Customer Success to increase customer retention and drive sales.

Customer Success Team Leaders and Customer Success Managers (CSM)

Sharpen your Customer Success skills and learn the key frameworks and processes to take your career to the next level.

The Customer 

Build strong relationships and retain happier, more value-focused customers who see the full potential in your product or service and become your biggest advocates.

If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Training and Consulting Programs will help you

  • Get to know your customers so you build better relationships
  • Shift your mindset from reactive (by which point, it’s often too late) to proactive action
  • Focus not just on renewing, but also expanding existing customer accounts
  • Identify and reduce customer churn
  • Turn your customers into happy, loyal and raving fans of your product so they tell their network and so much more…..

Key stages of Your customer Journey


Understand your customers’ challenges, needs, interests and goals, conduct effective 1-to-many product demos that convert, so that you can help them achieve their business outcomes


Create and implement a robust customer feedback program to encourage customer adoption and drive overall performance


Give your customers a reason to stay - reduce churn and increase renewals with our proven frameworks


Go beyond account renewals - expand them! Increase usage stickiness by upselling and cross-selling based on their needs


Transform your happy customers into loyal and enthusiastic fans with a robust customer advocacy program

Trusted by Customer Success Managers,
SaaS teams and small-to-medium-sized businesses
across the world

Are you ready to elevate your customer success?